Creative Visioning




 10th-12th January 2020, Stroud

In the deep, dark days of January give yourself the gift of a cosy, nourishing retreat to step consciously into the new year.


This weekend will be an opportunity to reflect on the experiences you’ve had this year, to be supported and witnessed in honouring them and letting them go.


Take some time to slow down and listen closely. To bear witness to your desires for the year ahead and to engage with them through guided journeys and creative exploration.

Surrounded by trees, nestled in our little retreat centre in the Cotswolds, we’ll share:

Intuition and deep imagination

Open to new insights and connect to your imagination : visualisation and ritual to make contact with archetypal parts of you who have wisdom to share with your conscious self.

Creative exploration

Explore and share your visions, ideas and longings in a way that bypasses the rational mind. Working with collage and journaling, we’ll do visual and written work that may challenge your judgements of how ‘creative’ or ‘arty’ you are!

Work with breath and body

Cultivate creative energy in your body: drawing on a variety of modalities and traditions, we’ll share breathwork tools and dynamic meditations to energise and embody the creative process.

Rest and time in nature

We’ll keep things spacious so that you can integrate, rest and nourish yourself. You can spend time outside in the garden and in the nearby woods, or stay cosy by the fire with time for reflection and quiet.

Group support and community

We’ll be sharing our discoveries over the course of the weekend in this small, intimate group. To simply be seen, heard and held in connection as we journey is so important for integration.

Tasty food and a peaceful space

We’ll enjoy healthy food together, and you can make yourself at home in our rustic and cosy accommodation and gorgeous garden. You will either have a shared sleeping space or a smaller, solo space.

“What if we thought of ourselves like the moon, and had equal faith in what was ready to fade away as we do in what is shining? We also need the dark, the stillness, the quiet of the night for the stars and constellations to appear.”

Dawna Markova

About me

My name is Christina Macnamara and I’m an artist, energy therapist and group facilitator. Creativity and imagination are the core of what I offer, drawing on the rich realms of dream work, archetype and ritual. I ground my creative work in embodiment, harnessing energy and connection through movement, breath and meditation.


I’ll be opening my home and beautiful garden to you for this retreat, and I can’t wait to welcome you in. It’s a peaceful space infused with creativity that has a gently nurturing feel to it. We’re held by trees and looking out over the slopes of the Slad Valley, just at the edge of Stroud. You can read more about it and see photos here.

“Christina created a totally safe space of nourishment, healing and acceptance where everyone was welcomed as exactly who they are. I found I was able to explore my inner world and trust my inner voices to lead me in the practices. It was such a fertile time for imagination and possibility. I found that I discovered new pathways into the creative inner world, and new ways to express it. I have made a stronger connection to my intuition and forged a more trusting relationship with my creative impulse. I’m looking forward to integrating some of what I experienced to bring more depth to daily life.”


“Christina is one of those facilitators that makes everything feel possible, light and fluid with a ground rock of experience and support at hand. Her approach made it seem like there was no hard work being done just creativity popping to the surface and finding its voice. I felt the weekend was intuitively led without pressure but well structured so we were able to look at a multitude of areas in our life. You can just show up with a jumble of things you are interested in and let the beautiful setting allow you to rest enough to make some sense of the whole.”


“Christina holds a magical space: deep, nourishing, whole and joyful. The essence of this is felt throughout her home and the space we shared at the weekend. I feel seen, heard, held, nourished, filled up and deeply accepting of all of the parts of myself after the retreat. I felt like I truly belonged and was part of a special community. Christina is gifted, intuitive and holds you in a deep, nourishing AND joyful space. Magical. I cannot recommend her or her beautiful retreat space highly enough.”


“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”

Alan Alda

Book your space


We’ll gather on Friday evening to settle in and check in. You may have a smaller sleeping space to yourself or be sharing with another person in the group. Meals from Saturday breakfast onwards are included, with healthy and nutritious food catering to your dietery requirements. We’ll be a small group, giving us time to really get to know each other and hear from each person in depth.


Reserve your spot below and I will send you payment details to confirm your booking. You can either pay in full or pay an initial deposit of £100, with the balance to be paid 2 weeks before the retreat.

10th January 2020 at 7.00pm to 12th January 2020 at 5.00pm

Woodside, Stroud (full address will be provided on booking).


This event is fully booked , please get in touch with us to check if there is a waiting list.